Last night, we shot the GE commercial. My first national commercial, baby! There was word at the shoot that it will also air during the Super Bowl, but I’ll believe that one when I see it. My call time was 3:00pm at Candlestick Park and we shot the commercial all night long…er, I should say THEY shot the commercial all night long. My scene was the last scene of the night/morning, so I didn’t start “working” until 5:30am. So, I had a long, enjoyable night of making new friends, trying to nap, reading, drinking tea to stay warm, eating, more eating, and hearing stories and getting good info about L.A. (4 of the other principals were from L.A.). It was really cooooooold out there at Candlestick, but quite beautiful standing on the field of an empty stadium…just like the movies. ūüôā There were 7 principals, including me, and 150 extras. I can’t wait to see the commercial — once I know when it’s going to air, I’ll fill you in on what to look for. I’m thanking God this holiday season for all the blessings in my life…and last night’s shoot was one of the recent sparkles. Happy Holidays!