Happy news! I’ll be playing Sadie Morris in Wylie Herman’s new film, The Toll, a WWII/Sci-Fi film. We’ll begin filming in the Presidio this week, so stay tuned!

On the day Axis powers surrender to Allied forces, U.S. Signal Corps radio operator Wesley Morris, mourning the loss of his wife at sea, confronts a mysterious stranger filming the Golden Gate Bridge. This chance encounter will lead Wes face to face with Die Glocke (The Bell), a secret German weapon of unimaginable power and dimension-bending capabilities. A story of loss and redemption, The Toll asks the question: what would you be willing to sacrifice for a second chance with the loved ones you’ve lost?

Character Breakdown:
SADIE MORRIS (20-30, any ethnicity) Strong willed and quick to laugh even in times of great struggle, Sadie exists in an alternate timeline version of 1945 where the Axis powers won, Wes was never drafted, and she was never a nurse. Sadie is instead a housewife living in a small cabin just outside of the Nazi run Presidio Military Base. She is eight months pregnant with this alternate Wes’ child. To protect their family, her husband has made a deal with the Nazis which she does not approve of: he has given the names and locations of U.S. rebels who are plotting to take back the base. Her marriage strained, she gains new hope for the relationship when contacted via radio by a man she assumes is her husband, but is actually our hero Wes, who has arrived in her parallel timeline from his own 1945.